10 Budget friendly Bedroom Decoration Tips

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Bedrooms are the most personal spaces within a home. After working hard all day long, all a person wishes for is a sound and peaceful sleep with their loved ones by their side. And it’s not just the bed that makes a perfect and effervescent Bedroom. From the ceiling design to drawing those light coloured curtains up to let the morning sunshine blind you momentarily, bedrooms too need that fine touch of elegance, making the souls residing in, happy ones.

Designing a bedroom isn’t half as difficult and costly as it sounds and all it needs is an eye for beauty. So, today we’ll be discussing a few ways by which you can make your bedroom a plush one.


  • Ceiling:

Be it any room, ceiling contributes significantly to the interior beauty of every home decor. Made out of mainly Gypsum, fiber or metal, a false ceiling can make any room look like heaven. Suspended from the real ceiling, they are the top priority in every expert interior designer’s decor ideas.

Lie down and let the eyes wander all over the ceiling that displays the artistic brilliance of your bedroom, making it the perfect place to rest.

  • Fusion of different colours:

Colours speak about your personality and should be a fusion of various elements. Combinations like brown-cream, shades of grey and many more can leave the beholder stunned in awe, creating a rejuvenating aura.

Further, the right usage of colours not only enhances the interior beauty of your bedroom but can make your bedroom look spacious. 

  • Storage Beds:

Beds occupy most of the bedroom(quite obvious). And therefore, choosing the right design for your bed plays an important part in shaping the bedroom with perfection. Nowadays, storage beds are the most preferred choice when it comes to choosing a bed for your new home. Storage beds come with drawers attached at the bottom of the bed and can be used to store household goods like clothes and other stuff, thereby, freeing up the unnecessary space. They are space-friendly. 

  • Wall Art:

4 walls when combined together build up a home and decorated walls build home decor. And the bedroom is one place where art can’t be missed. Art not only adds to the existing beauty but also makes the bedroom a focal point of the home.

  • Chandelier:

When it comes to enhancing the ambience of your bedroom, chandeliers are at the top of the table, adding an extra taste of class and making the bedroom even brighter. Chandeliers even compliment the wall colours and since they come in various shapes and sizes, one can choose in accordance with the space available. With their exuberance, chandeliers can light up any room in the home.

  • Pillows:

When resting, warm and cozy pillows can never be left out. And when awake, pillows can significantly make a bedroom look more comfortable and heart-warming. Pillows are not only to rest your heads while you sleep soundly but also to in accessorizing the bed to perfection.

The best part about pillows is that they don’t take much time and effort, all you need is a tidy set of pillows, juxtaposed together to give your bed a neat and comfortable look.   

  • Rugs and Night Lamps:

Many people consider rugs and night lamps as just some extra pieces of bedroom accessories that can be overlooked. But no dream bedroom is ever complete without the exquisite touch of a rug tucked under your bed, accompanied by a light lamp by the side of your bed.

  • Curtains: 

Curtains curtail the extra light coming into your bedroom, offering a dark and peaceful environment for you to lie down. Well, obviously there’s more to this. Apart from letting light enter, light-coloured curtains even filter the incoming light, dispersing it to make the bedroom look aesthetically pleasing. Also, curtains when chosen in accordance with the wall colour, make the bedroom look more exorbitant. 


You start your day from the bed and end the day too on the same bed. Therefore, designing a bedroom that keeps you jolly all day long and then allows you to sound sleep, that you deserve after day-long work, isn’t as tough. 

Just a few minor tweaks here and there and it’s ready.

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