5 Best Finishes for your Luxury Modular Kitchens

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Ever wondered why Modular Kitchens have become so common nowadays?

Simple, they have made our daily tasks easier by incorporating smartness, by offering segmented modules for easy storage and when coupled with an elegant design, they have further made home interiors more appealing. However, when designing a modular kitchen for your new home, the final finishing touch is what lays the foundation for a perfectly designed interior design project. Finishing materials set the right tone for your modular kitchen design.

Now coming onto the finishing material choices, there are plenty of options available to choose from. So today’s discussion is all about the finishing materials available for your modular kitchen and why it is important to choose the one that reflects your personality:

Finishes for Modular Kitchens:  

  • Acrylic:

Acrylic finishes are one of the most widely preferred finishes for modular kitchens. They offer a high glossy and reflective finishing touch and along with the high durability(10-15 years) make them one of the most popular Modular Kitchen finishes which you can easily get to see in your neighbourhood. If you are looking for a high-end kitchen, Acrylic finish is the go-to option for you. However, Acrylic finish asks for proper care which involves frequent cleaning in order to maintain the high gloss of it. 

  • PU:

PU or more commonly referred to as polyurethane finish is basically a coating paint finish 

Which is also known as a lacquer finish. Coated over an MDF(medium-density fiberboard), PU finish colour can be chosen according to your preference. PU is another high-gloss finishing option available for modular kitchens which is a budget-friendly option and isn’t as hard to maintain as the Acrylic. 

  • High-Gloss Laminate:

If you are on a tight budget and love a high glossy and reflective finish but can’t afford any of the above finishes( Acrylic or PU) then high-gloss laminate is probably the best option for you. Available in a variety of both plain and textured patterns, Laminate finish is easy to maintain and offers high durability. When it comes to ROI, laminate finishes are the best and easily available option in the interior designing industry. These finishes use exterior grade MDF.

  • Matte Laminate:

Another category of laminate finishes readily available in the market and also the most common kitchen finishing you’ll find in most Indian homes. Providing a velvety texture, matte laminate serves as damage protection against stains. Moreover, it optimizes the dark colours by softening the contrast, giving a stylish finish to your modular kitchen and that too within a reasonable budget.

  • Solid Wood:

This finish is for the old souls who love to continue the tradition of using unprocessed solid wood straight out of the tree. Even though not so popular choices nowadays, they offer an aesthetically pleasing touch to your traditional home decor. They are the most durable kitchen finishes but are the costliest. Some of the most commonly used woods are oak wood, rosewood, mahogany, teak wood etc.


Kitchen is considered to be the heart of any home and therefore it can never be overlooked when designing your new home. The contemporary Modular Kitchens have only made it easier to design the heart of your dream home exquisitely. 

All it needs is the right choice of finishing material and shape that suits your budget and expert opinion by your side for which you just have to trust us!!

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