5 Different Italian Modular Kitchen Layouts

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Modular Kitchens are one of the wisest investments an individual makes when it comes to designing their home interiors to perfection. They not only enhance the interior beauty of a home but also serve the purpose of maximizing the storage area, using every nook and corner of the available space.  

Moreover, what makes the Italian modular kitchens a more preferred choice for designing kitchens is the versatility that they have to offer. Not limited to any specific shape, the new age kitchens are the perfect solution to finding the kitchen of your choice. The availability of different shapes and the option to customize them to compliment your home decor have made them widely popular.

Earlier we have discussed how the different glossy and wooden finishes available bring out the elegance of your kitchen and following up on the same, today we will be discussing the different shapes of modular kitchens available.

Let’s get started!

Versatility of Modular Kitchens

  • L-shaped:

Using modular units in an L-shaped kitchen format is one of the favourites when it comes to choosing the right shape for your modular kitchen. When it comes to perfectly implementing the golden triangle rule within smaller spaces. The best part of opting for an L-shaped kitchen is that it gives you the option of installing a dining table within the kitchen itself. So if you have little but sufficient space, L-shape is what your modular kitchen should look like.

  • U-shaped:

If you have a big kitchen with ample space available, U-shape is the best choice for you. It uses all the three walls of the kitchen space to perfection, offering enough storage space. The space also vouches for easy segmentation of the different working areas within the kitchen like cooking area, appliances and the sink. 

  • Straight:

Simple and elegant, straight kitchen design gives a sophisticated look to your kitchen by using minimum space efficiently. This design is preferred by individuals who don’t like to stuff their kitchen with too much and still want it to look appealing. 

  • Parallel:

Parallel as the name suggests, segregated the kitchen into two parallelly running workspaces, facing each other. This design not only offers plenty of storage space but also sees to it that there is a swift and easy movement while working in the kitchen. Optimally incorporating the triangle rule, Parallel design is one of the most efficient kitchen designs available, irrespective of the fact that you are living in a mansion or a small apartment.

  • Island:

Island design for a modular kitchen is another option available if you own a big house. Most of you must have seen this design in movies where lavish houses mostly feature an Island design. It uses a combination of either L-shaped, U-shaped or straight design with an extra counter provided in the middle of the kitchen which can be used for many purposes like storage, dining, breakfast, etc. 


Modular Kitchen has changed the interior designing scenario and for all the good reasons, by combining elegance with smartness, by bringing all the necessary equipment and kitchen accessories within an arm's reach. Above were some of the Italian Modular Kitchen designs that are the most common and popular. 

Choose the most appropriate design for your home and get a quote for your kitchen design now.

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