Branded Furniture Or Carpentered Furniture?

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People often assume that carpentered furniture is of better quality compared to branded furniture. It is hand-made by a skilled craftsman and therefore must be more durable than any mass-produced item. While in many cases, this can be true, it isn’t always the case. In this article, we discuss the differences between branded and carpentered furniture so you can have a clear idea of what you prefer.

Carpenters Vary In Skill

Carpenters are like every other professional out there. Some are just learning their skill, others are experienced. Some are good at what they do while others are bad. This means that if you have a good experience with one carpenter doesn't mean you will have a similar experience with another.

Carpentry is a highly sophisticated craft and it requires a lot of effort. Some professionals cut corners, take shortcuts, use poor quality materials, etc. All of these factors can compromise the quality of the furniture you get.

Carpenters don’t have a wide reach or an online presence, which means they don’t have to worry about their reputation if their services aren’t up to par. All of this makes hiring a carpenter a risk unless you really know them.

Brands Have a Higher Stake

Brands usually have a higher stake because they reach a wider audience and have a solid identity. Many of them have their own websites, social media profiles, and visibility on furniture stores. This means they need to safeguard their reputation as much as possible. A small number of bad online reviews can tank their business.

This means brands usually have a solid quality control process in place. They choose raw materials carefully, hire the most skilled carpenters, and ensure only the best products reach their customers. Your purchase is more reliable because brands are held accountable if they deliver a bad product.

The Option of Returns

Carpenters rarely accept returns so even if you’re not satisfied with the furniture, you’re stuck with it. They can’t afford to take returns or refund the money paid because their business already operates on a relatively low margin.

Branded furniture stores have to operate according to established e-commerce standards. All e-commerce businesses offer the option of returns with a few exceptions. Online furniture stores must do this too. If the customer isn’t satisfied with the product, they can return, exchange, or request a full refund. This also forces the furniture brands to focus on quality and reduce the possibility of returns.

The Question of Customizability

If there's one area where individual carpenters exceed branded names, it is customizability. Carpenters can customize the furniture according to your preferences. You can tell them what kind of design you need, which size is ideal for you and make sure the piece suits your requirements perfectly.

When you get branded furniture, you need to settle for the options available in their store. Most successful brands provide a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes so it is easy to find something that suits your requirements.

In the end, it all comes down to trust. If you can find a trustworthy carpenter who will deliver on all promises, they might be a good choice. If not, branded furniture offers a lot of safeguards to ensure your money isn’t wasted.

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