Designing a Luxury Home on a Budget

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You live most of your life in your home. Make sure it’s a nice place to live in!!

Expensive looking homes are not always expensive. They are just designed smartly, thereby, exaggerating their cost.

Everything comes at a price and luxury homes are no exception to this fact. However, you can always lower the price if you have enough knowledge and expertise on the subject. No, I am not telling you to change your profession and become an Interior Designer overnight!! Sometimes a few tips and tricks can do wonders.

Today I will be sharing some secrets and years of experience about how Furniture Mama has been designing your dream homes without breaking your bank. So without wasting any more time let’s get straight to the point:

6 Tips to design your dream luxury home within an affordable budget :

  • Paint colour is of utmost importance:

Colors reflect an individual’s personality. Colors make everything more lively and the true beauty of any home interior is reflected only when the wall paint color goes well with the furniture, furnishings and other home decors. Using the right combination of different shades and tones that suit your personality makes the home more vibrant, creating a positive aura.

  • Incorporate Art:

 Good art appeals to eyes like nothing else does!!

Using the right combination of both small as well as large pieces of art is the key to rejuvenating souls. Art defines creativity and can make your home interior much better than a regular home which barely has any creativity of the owner to leave the beholder’s gazing in awe. And the good thing with art is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be large and extravagant. A simple flower pot or a hand-made photo frame can significantly make the difference.

  • Less sounds great:

Yes, you don’t need to stuff each corner of your home. It can get messy both look wise as well as management wise. Less is good and especially if you have that keen eye for tiny details like how an end table can be reimagined by placing a few magazines on it or how you can use your bookshelf to feature small pieces of art(photo frames, laughing Buddha,etc.) to make your home interiors exquisite.

  • Crown Molding is still a game-changer:

Crown-Moldings are still the charmer and can significantly level up your home interior beauty. It unifies the ceilings with the walls and gives a classic finishing touch to your home interiors. Crown Moldings are more than what meets the eye as they can be used to create an optical illusion, making the room look bigger and beautiful. Apart from serving the purpose of perfect home decor, crown molding also increases the value of your home.

  • Modulars are easy and elegant:

Modulars have already overtaken the traditional kitchen and wardrobes. The reason behind their huge fan following is that they are SMART. Modular use every inch of available space smartly and coupled with their low maintenance and installation cost, modular kitchens and modular wardrobes can make your home 

  • False Ceiling brings out the best of your home interiors:

False Ceiling, the aesthetic every house needs!!

Hanging out from the main ceiling, false ceilings are commonly made out of wood and serve as make-up over your plain ceilings, thereby masquerading the main ceiling with a touch of elegance and grandeur. 

False ceilings are also used to hide any wiring and/or other fixtures that make the main ceiling look gross. 


Luxury Homes are such a charmer, adored by all, owned by few!!

But luxury no longer means expensive, it rather means smart. Yes, using all the resources at your disposal to bring out the best of your dream home is smartness. And today we decided to share how Furniture Mama has been transforming your low-end home to an interior designing masterpiece.

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