Determining the Right Price of a Modular Kitchen

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What is a Modular Kitchen?

It is a kitchen that is simply screwed into the area and can be removed by just removing the screws. And that's the reason the name ‘Modular’ is given. 

Kitchen is the most common space used in the house. Gone are the days when a kitchen makeover would burn a hole in the pocket. Thanks to these modular kitchens. It offers you ample storage ideas.  It is pretty tough to get the exact cost of a Modular Kitchen. A modular kitchen can be pocket-friendly once you understand your priorities. But an estimate can be judged based on the following parameters:

  • The material used to make the Kitchen:

  • The material can vary based on an individual's budget. Low-quality particle-board can be used for a lower budget or it can also be MDF/HDF or plywood. If the budget is good then the kitchen can be made of solid wood.


  • Type of finish of the Kitchen:

  • The type of finish you wish to use determines a lot on your budget. There are numerous types of finishes available in the market. It can be membrane foil, laminate also called sunmica, acrylic, polymer,  veneers, PLPB (Pre Lam Particle Board), or polishes like PU, polyester, Duco can be used. Among these laminate and acrylic are the most preferred ones. Acrylic is the most expensive also as it gives a glossy look and is scratch resistant. This is followed by a ply UV finish. 

    Laminate is for those looking for a lower budget. Glossy will always be more expensive than a matte one. So the prices will depend on the interior and exterior finishes you choose for your kitchen. The cabinet will be more exposed to water so you must choose for a waterproof board such as marine ply.


  • Accessories used for the kitchen:

  • Choose accessories that complement a kitchen design. Are you considering basic baskets for cutlery, thali or adding any other accessories such as corner units, pullouts, etc. N number of options are available in many famous brands like Hettich, Ebco, Blum, etc. Good fittings can affect your budget. For instance, a soft drawer closure can be more expensive than regular ones. 

  • Size of the Kitchen:

  • The size and layout of your kitchen determine the cost of a modular kitchen. Bigger the kitchen more will be the price. Your kitchen could be a single line, L-shaped, parallel, U-shaped or an Island shaped. An island shape would be more expensive than the rest of the layout. 

  • Countertop and backsplash material:

  • A countertop is an area where you should not compromise your cost. Quartz, Corian and polished granites are the favorites for countertops due to their natural, high-end finish. Quartz is more expensive but each of the material varies in prices.  

    Even for the backsplash, buyers are considering eye-catching materials like glass, metals or even stone so it becomes the focal point of their kitchens.  Ceramic tiles are trending in the market right now. But keep in mind that marble is never a choice for the kitchen, as it may leave turmeric stains, and erodes with spill of acidic things. Always remember the color of your tiles should complement the finish of your cabinets for a pleasing interior. 

  • Appliances:

  • Buy the accessories that are useful to you. Built-in appliances are trending these days due to its seamless design and comfortable to use. Built-In microwaves, grills, cooking ranges are typically more expensive than a countertop one. Never compromise on the quality. But again keep a price check on your budget and preferences. You can always keep a space or something that you don’t require now, later on,  can be added. Handle appliances with care so they last long!

    Using the above parameters, you can prioritize your needs and design your kitchen in a budget that suits you. 

    Do you have a budget for your modular kitchen? 

    Contact furnituremama to help you pick the right finish, materials fittings at the best price! 

    For  more information on Modular Kitchen, feel free to call us on +91-9818 867 792

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