Experiencing a Luxury Italian Modular Kitchen

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Happiness is a small comfy home with a smart and stylish kitchen!!

We live in a smart age. And this is clearly visible from the things we use in our day to day lives. From the luxury sofa cum beds which serve the purpose of both a bed and sofa to the luxury storage beds that save ample space, making the bedroom clutter-free, we have become smart.

Modular kitchens are one of the many ways of incorporating smartness combined with grandeur in our daily lives, thereby significantly improving our home interior beauty. So today is going to be all about luxury Italian modular kitchen, features, finishing materials used and the different shapes available to adjust perfectly within the available space:

Luxury Modular kitchens Vs the long-gone traditional ones:

Every change has a reason behind it and in most cases the most basic reason is evolution. Same is the case with the rising popularity of luxury or Italian modular kitchens. So let’s start with what features make the modular stand out as the most preferred kitchen interior. 

Features of Modular Kitchen:

Bringing the golden triangle rule to reality:

The golden triangle rule of designing a modular kitchen states that the hob, the sink, and the refrigerator should form a triangle, making it an ideal and functional kitchen. And modular are making it possible, lining up the three core access points of a kitchen to form a triangle and making it easy for the cook.

Grab a bottle of red wine from your refrigerator and enjoy some family drink while you play the chef!!


Everyone fancies a stylish kitchen, and with modular you get that!!

Modular Kitchen comes in various shapes and finishes which we will discuss further. These variations allow the user to design their kitchen according to their style and comfort. Maximizing the corners and utilizing every inch the space available

Different sections to take care of all your kitchen needs:

The basic idea behind a modular kitchen comes from the very word ‘modular’ which means divided into modules(or sections). And this is one feature alone that makes them more popular than the traditional. 

Bifurcated into different segments, the new age kitchens allow easy storage of utensils of different sizes, making it a hassle-free job to manage your kitchen.

Low and easy maintenance:

In today’s world, everyone is too busy(or so they say). This makes cleaning and maintaining your kitchen regularly a tough job(not to say this can affect family hygiene. But with luxury modular kitchens, it no longer remains a tiring job.

The division into various sections saves time and makes maintenance easy. One can simply pull-out the different sections to disassemble them and then clean them. Moreover, in case of any minor or even major imperfections, you don’t need to tear the whole kitchen apart. All you need is to just get that section replaced which ultimately is a better and cost-effective way. 


Pantry is basically where all the household stock like vegetables, snacks, beverages, wheat, salt, rice, and other regularly used items are stored. An ideal kitchen sees to it that all such items are close by and easily accessible.   

Proper Ventilation:

Cooking and shortness of breath, never a good combination. 

So, proper ventilation is what’s needed to keep your nerves calm and allow you to just focus on cooking. With modular, there’s proper ventilation since they have extra space for a chimney that makes sure the kitchen doesn’t get filled with smoke. 

Pull-out drawers:

Whenever you need something, the pull-out drawers are at your service, such is the easy accessibility that the luxury modular kitchen has to offer. Indians use oil in almost every meal they intake and the pull-out drawers are mainly used to store cooking oil and/or such ingredients that are used on a daily basis. All you need to do is just pull out the drawers while you are cooking and get everything available right next to your hob.

Move your Kitchen with you:

The best feature of a modular kitchen is that it can be relocated easily to a new place since they are easy to disassemble. When moving into a new house or apartment, you’ll have no need to worry about taking your loved kitchen along with you. The portability of these kitchens is just another addition to the long list of features modular has to offer.


Modular Kitchens come in a variety of finishes. From high reflective finish to wooden finishes, there are a variety of options to choose from. Some of the popular finishes which we will be in our next blog:

  • Acrylic
  • PU
  • Laminate
  • Solid Wood
  • Matt Laminate


    Modular Kitchen not only comes in many finishes but also in many shapes to choose from, according to the space available. The best thing about having a modular kitchen is that they can be optimized to use every inch of the available space. 

  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped
  • Straight
  • U-shaped
  • Parallel
  • Island
  • Conclusion:

    Modular Kitchens are designed not to just beautify your home interiors but also to make your day to day kitchen tasks easy. They aren’t just limited to luxury homes and mansions. The affordable cost and the smart design have made it a preferred choice for most homeowners and with time, they will only get better.

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