Furnituremama’s new arrivals bring you the comfort of modern chairs

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Furniture are the heart and soul of every interior space and we are co instantly working to be the best in the industry of luxury furniture designing. Smartly designed modern furniture helps organize a space better and creates an aesthetically pleasing interior for your home. And in an effort to enhance the interior beauty of your home,  FurnitureMama has brought a vivid collection of highly durable, top quality, and highly affordable chairs online. We believe in keeping it simple and our new collection proves it.

Here’s our list of new arrivals in the Chairs section:

New Arrivals:

Abete Matt Light Blue/ White Plastic Chair

With a lab-tested maximum weight of 150 kgs, Abete comes in matt light blue and white colour which is ideal for home use as well as perfect for cafeterias, coffee shops, lounges & restaurants. 

Faggio Black/ White Scandanavian Design Metal Wire Chair

Faggio Scandanavian Design Metal Wire Chair comes in two colours, black and white with a seat cushion to make it even more comfortable. It has a lab-tested maximum load capacity of 200 kgs. Sturdy, practical & ergonomic, this chair is a perfect companion for your tea/coffee time. Even though the chair is water-resistant, direct exposure to water should be avoided.

Mogano Subtle Gold Electroplated & Contrast Black Cushioned Seat

Mogano Subtle Gold Electroplated & Contrast Black cushioned seat is a modern design metal wire chair that is made of metal with Powder Coating. While this chair is great for your urban comfort, coffee shops, lounges & restaurants would definitely love to add a touch of elegance to their ambience with these ergonomic chairs. 

Another variation of this chair is the Mogano Matt Black Electroplated & Contrast Red Cushioned Seat.

Acero Italy Red/ Black Plastic Chair

Areco comes in two colours, matt black and red that uses high-quality eco-green polymer with fibreglass. They offer UV protection which makes them a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor uses. Other features include:  

  • Anti-fade, 
  • All weatherproof, and
  • Heat & water-resistant

Pino Patio Green/ Black Plastic Chair

Simple yet classy Pino Patio is a sleek -legged chair that can be easily moved with the home space. Moulded from Polypropylene, this eco-green polymer chair is heat and water-resistant that guarantees a 100% UV protection. It can carry a maximum load of 150 kgs and lines perfectly well with your dining table as well as accompany your evening tea in your balcony.

Dining Chair in Bretta Board

This chair is made using powder-coated metal pipes and wood, designed specifically to serve as your dining chair. Although it can be used alongside the study table as well. However, you need to be cautious of direct exposure to sunlight, heat, cold and water. The beretta board makes it a highly durable chair.

Summing Up:

Chairs are a versatile piece of furniture that can make every space within the house and work functional while adding to the aesthetic beauty of the place.

Check out our collection of chairs and add to the beauty and comfort of your home, cafeteria, coffee shop, lounge, and restaurants. 

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