How to arrange your furniture according to Vastu

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The universe is made up of living and non-living things. The beauty of nature is that each of that, living or nonliving gives out energy maintaining the balance of its nature. These energies have an impact on everything around it. Vastu have suggested a place for every element in relation to earth, to maintain harmony and balance with its surroundings. The principles of vastu come with norms to make our life easy, comfortable and a happy homely place. It suggests that more accessories and furniture must be placed in the positive areas as compared to the negative zones. This will help you to achieve harmony and balance that you need at your home. 

Furniture is an important asset of our home that makes our living easy and comfortable. Hence, a proper orientation of furniture is vital to maintain peace and keep the flow of energy smooth in the home environment. Vastu is a wealth of knowledge hidden in the ancient science of architecture. 

Here we have listed important Vastu Tips that you must indulge at your home for the proper flow of energy within the house. 

Vastu for a happy home:

The first Vastu tip is to seek a balance between earth, water, fire and space. If there is harmony within these five elements there would be harmony and peace within the inhabitants. It also suggests keeping the house clean and clutter-free. Leave ample space for the energy to flow. The positive energy will fill in the place of your home and it will surely be a happy place to dwell in. 

Vastu for living home:

Generally, the entry to our home is through a living room. So the living room must look happy and inviting. The entrance door must be of wood. Always place the furniture in the west or south direction and away from the wall to allow the energy flow even from the back. Avoid irregular shape like oval or round in the furniture. A neat square or rectangle is the preferred way to arrange the furniture in the living room. The television must be placed in the South-east, North or Eastern part of the room. Since the living area is the social area of the house, there is a tendency to display artifacts and memorabilia. Avoid putting a lot of it here. The whole point is to keep the area less obstructed for the positive energy to flow in. When you have guests visiting make sure you must face the North or East direction. 

Vastu for dining room:

Dining table must be placed in the North-west position of the kitchen or living room. The dining table must be made up of wood and kept away from the wall. It should be uniform in shape and tone and it should be round or oval in order to stimulate communication and maintain relationships within the families. Avoid dark color material in the dining table or dining area. 

Vastu for kitchen:

In the kitchen, the force of nature- fire and water coexist. The vastu of the kitchen is all about balancing these two forces. So the kitchen vastu says that the stove top and sink should not be on the same platform and the two energy should not collide with one another. The cooktop must be placed away from the window or corner space as it is vulnerable to negative energy. The stove must face south while drinking water should be positioned in the North-east side. The kitchen must be in the South-west corner or North-west corner. Try to keep the kitchen as far as possible from the bedroom. 

Vastu for bedroom:

The bedroom must be full of positive aura as it is the most important room in every house. The bed in our bedroom must be placed in the South-west direction of our bedroom and the South-east part must be kept empty. The bed must be kept away from the door and window to avoid the flow of vital energy especially during the night. The wardrobe in the bed room with valuables must be kept in a south-west direction only. Never place a mirror in the bedroom that reflects the image of the bed. Place it strategically that the bed is not visible in the mirror. Make sure your head faces south when you sleep as it is the most calming and comfortable position. Keep your bedroom clutter free. 

Vastu for bathroom:

Water in the bathroom  predominates the space and with its flow, it washes away the energies too. Vastu advice to incorporate wooden and stone elements in the bathroom. It symbolizes the element earth and balances off the energy loss by the flowing water. The bathroom must be ventilated and illuminated to avoid humidity. To keep the bathroom fresh and elegant, introduce small pot plants in the bathroom. 

Vastu for Pooja Room:

A pooja room is the most precious in every house. It drives as an engine that circles various energies inside the house. As per vastu, the suspicious place for a pooja room is in the north-east corner of the house. It can also be set up on the east or west side of the house. The pooja room serves harmonious energy flowing throughout the house. 


Introduce Vastu ideal home for a happy and positive home. Balancing the five elements is the key to bring in success and peace to you and your loved ones. Vastu truly makes the house a home. All it takes a Vastu expert to give your house a vastu touch. 

We wish you a happy home and a happy life. 

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