How to choose a sofa set that will last really long?

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Sofa is a major investment. Whatever your family calls it -sofa, settee, divan or davenport it should be worth every penny spent. Sofa is the most cozy and relaxing to curl up in. Do not rush in the impulsive purchase as it is the most used furniture in your home. 

To make it worth every penny read the following guideline:

Check the frame:

A sturdy frame means long-lasting furniture. Softwood such as pine is low-cost but it may wobble after five years. The most durable hardwoods are oak, ash, kiln-dried or beech. Avoid frames made up of plastic, particleboard or metal, it may wrap and crack. Legs must be part of the frame or held with screws or pegs and not with glue alone. Metal frames may be necessary when the seat of the sofa has a large span, but they can make the sofa heavy and hard to move. To test the strength of the frame, lift one side of the leg of the sofa off the floor. If the other leg of the sofa doesn’t rise that means it's weak. 

Ask about joinery:

A frame with joints connected by any of the following means is solidly constructed: double wooden dowels, wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, brackets or metal screws. Never buy a sofa that is supported only with staples, nails or glue. Instead they can be used for extra reinforcement. Ask the salesperson for a written manufacturer's information on frame joinery. 

Test the springs:

Most sofas have springs - a snaking wire. They are nicely supportive but may sag overtime if the metal isn’t heavy. A good quality sofa comes with 8 hand-tied springs. They are comfortable while sitting but may be expensive. Some experts feel serpentines are better than springs. Feel the springs through upholstery- it must be close and together. Sofas without springs and just with mesh or webbing are flimsy and uncomfortable. Sit on the edge of the sofa. If it creaks or squeaks, it indicated that springs are incorrectly placed hitting the frame. 

Feel the fillings:

Polyurethane is an easy -care cushion filling with low cost. The high density, more durable may feel hard, while low-density foam deteriorates more rapidly with constant use. High resilient (HR) foam is slightly more expensive but more comfortable and long-lasting. Polyester fabric as well as down- polyfiber is also inexpensive but it flattens quickly. Goose and duck feather filling are comfy but they can look lumpy and are also expensive. You can choose HR foam which is comfortable and reasonably priced. 

Find tough textiles:

Sofas for daily use need good durable fabrics. Cotton and linen are winners but they might snag. Synthetic microfiber is stain resistant. Wool and leather are strong and expensive. Silk fabric is sleek but fragile. Fabrics with pattern woven are very much trendy and are better than printed fabrics. Ask the salesperson for a piece of fabric larger than  swatch. Place it on the sofa. View it in the natural light and artificial light and see if you like it. Leather is a durable material and it gets better with time with good maintenance. Treat it with a high-quality conditioner once or twice a year. 


Measure the area designated for the sofa, taking into account the shape and size of the room. Once you have settled on the sofa you wish to purchase, take the measurement of the sofa and mark them on the floor with a string. This will make sure the sofa will fit perfectly in the designated area and there is room to freely move around. Also take into account how you’re going to maneuver the sofa into your home. 

  •  Cushions:

Typically there are three method cushions placed at the back of the sofa; fixed back, cushioned back and scatter back. 

  • Color:

If you've decided on your sofa but are confused about which color would look good or go with your decor, you might want to stick with neutrals. It will look good on any color or patterns you give to your house. If your decor plan has a warm palette, then stick with beige, mushroom or cream sofa. A grey, charcoal and even white sofa will look best with a cool color palette. Give your sofa a punch of colors with pillows or rugs. 

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