Where Do Interior Designers Really Shop For Furniture, Furnishings and Decor?

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Interior Designing!!

Sounds fascinating right. Well, not if you are an Interior Designer, hunting for the perfect furniture to aesthetically please your client. Interior Designers don’t just have to shop, they have to take many factors into consideration when choosing furniture like client’s preferences, space available, wall paint and colour, etc.

It is often said ‘Interior Designing is an art’ and when you have been in the profession for long and love this art of decorating others’ interiors, beautifying homes, you develop an eye for perfection. Great interior designers will know what furniture to use, the very moment they see an interior. 

But where do Interior Designers go for shopping? 

From showrooms to local shops, Interior Designers get their furniture and home decor from a variety of places. Let’s discuss this in detail and see how an Interior Designer gets the best furniture and decor for your home.




Showrooms are great places for furniture and home decor hunting. With so much variety available within a single place, showrooms are a haven for designers to shop from. From budget to luxury, showrooms feature all types of furniture.

Most showrooms display furniture and other art pieces with live presentations of how a set of furnishings combined with the right wall colour will look. And this is one major reason why interior designers are in awe with showrooms. They get to dive into vivid images of home interiors and show them live to their clients.

Local Shops:



Even though showrooms are wonderful places for interior designers to hang out, local shops with big aspirations can also deliver masterpieces. They are popular because of the affordable costs and probably good margins for a local interior designer. However, going shopping for your furniture on your own isn’t a wise choice. It is always better to let the experts do the job or else you may end up messing up your interiors, purchasing poor quality furniture for your dream home. 

But with Furnituremama you need not worry. Trust us to live the reality of your dream home!!  




If you are an Interior Designer, visiting your favourite furniture factory on a weekend sounds like an awesome plan!!

Right from cutting the wood to transforming it into the perfect Sofa set, interior designers love visiting factories and especially to ensure the quality of the furniture after all Interior Designing is a business of trust.  

Customized Carpenting:



Yes, customization is the easiest and best way out for interior designers when the client's preferences are the top priority. Many designers already have a team of proficient carpenters and half the job is already done. All they do is sit down with the client and list down all that they wish and then customize furniture and decor accordingly. A lot of designers nowadays offer customizable furniture to their clients. While it has it’s pros, getting custom furniture from a local carpenter also has lots of flaws like timely delivery and cost uncertainty. Don't worry, you have Furniture Mama to pull you out with its expertise and years of experience in customizing your dream interior design!!


Now you very well know how interior designers give life to your homes and this is where Furnituremama jumps in. Well if you are wondering Why FurnitureMama? here’s your answer:

We’ve got it all!

You need an Interior designer or luxury furniture or anything more beautiful within your budget, we have it all. You wish to utilize each of those tight corners and even if you are a modular person looking to seamlessly blend in the space available, Furniture Mama has got you covered!

Not only this, but we also offer the best furnishing and decor, giving your home the finishing touch it lacks.

Match how your home (or office) looks and all done at the one-stop destination for building your dream castle - Furniture Mama!

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