What Is The Future Of Furniture Design?

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Technology is evolving at a constant rate and people’s design preferences are changing as well. The future of furniture design has to change accordingly. Designers and professionals in this field are coming up with new and interesting furniture styles every day. There’s an interesting juxtaposition between increasingly eco-friendly but technologically advanced furniture happening. It is certain that we’ll see both of these factors influence the future of furniture design. Here’s a look at what it is likely to be:

Keeping It Organic

Most people assume that the future of furniture will be full of buttons, touch screens, lights, and other such technology. But the experts believe that it might actually be the opposite. People will gravitate towards more organic pieces because technology has become so prominent. People want their spaces to have some natural touches, which is why they prefer warm wood in the chairs and live edges on their stone tables.

The furniture of the future will take us closer to nature instead of getting further away from it.

Invisible Technology

Just because the furniture pieces are organic in design doesn’t mean there will be no technology within. It is possible to create technologically advanced furniture pieces and still ensure they have a natural look or feel. For example, Samsung recently introduced a television with a frame so the TV looks like artwork. Ikea introduced a lamp with a wireless charging surface that blends in with the furniture piece.

This ensures that users still have access to technology, but that is seamlessly incorporated into the furniture so it isn’t visible.

Multi-Function Furniture

Modern living spaces have shrunk down considerably over the years. Homeowners need to make the most out of their spaces. One of the best ways to do that is to use furniture that has multiple functions. This can help reduce the clutter and ensure homeowners have everything they need in their space.

There are several examples of people living in tiny New York City environments with beds that can be lifted up to be flush against the wall or dining tables that can slide under other furniture pieces. It is possible for furniture design to become even more modular to keep up with this.

Eco-friendly and Biodegradable

There's a lot of concern about the amount of waste we generate and how much of it ends up in the ocean. People are bound to become even more concerned about the environment as the situation worsens. That's why furniture developers and designers have started to make environmentally sustainable furniture pieces. They use sustainable materials like cork or bamboo, incorporate natural fabrics that degrade easily, and come up with other such green solutions.

For example, a Swedish designer by the name of Johan Kauppi created a series of furniture that absorbs sound and reduces the sound pollution inside the home. A British designer by the name of Max Lamb has created a textile board bench which is made from recycled waste textile.

Future of furniture design will also include customizability. Technology like 3D printing and software programs will make it easier for people to custom-create what they need.

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