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Are you planning to renew your kitchen to not just enhance its look but also to handle the day to day chores conveniently? Have you thought of giving your kitchen a modular kitchen design look to fulfill your needs and whether it will be a smart decision? Well, Kitchen is considered to be the heart of every home and therefore needs extra attention to make the home interiors elegant. Check our complete blog to get a brief knowledge on modular kitchen design and its benefits you may enjoy as a smart household owner. You must be spending  20-30% of your life in the kitchen preparing good meals for your family. So, choose to give a makeover to your kitchen in a vibrant and modern way. 

Modular Kitchen Designs can be of any shape depending upon the structure of your kitchen. It can be L-shaped, single line, parallel, U-shaped or an island shape. The kitchen is designed using the finishes and materials of your choice and budget. You can additionally accessorise the kitchen with functional elements. 

What is a Modular Kitchen?

Modular Kitchens as the name suggests has been derived from the word module meaning sections. So, modular kitchens are the new-age customizable kitchens, comprising cabinets, drawers, and shelves, designed to fit well within the available space. Modular kitchen designs  are cost-effective and their price depends on the size of the kitchen, the shape of the kitchen and the kitchen finishing. 

The most widely used material for a modular kitchen is MDF, Plywood, HDF and solid wood. The best finishes to design your modular kitchen and to compliment your home interiors are acrylic finish, PU finish, Veneer finish, High-Gloss laminate, Matte laminate finish, Solid wood finish and membrane finish. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to kitchen designs. From cabinets, counters, and floors to new appliances, pants and much more you can customise your kitchen the way you want. 

  • Cabinets have a modern look and can be operated easily:
  • This is certainly the most common reason, people prefer to choose modular kitchens design. The cabinet of this particular kitchen not just looks attractive and modern but also can be operated easily. The latest trend in the kitchen is a two-tone color scheme. This will make the kitchen look balanced. 

  • Modular Kitchen design looks more spacious:
  • Do you have a limited space and wondering which kitchen design will feed your purpose? Then it is wise to go for a modular kitchen design to give a more spacious look to your kitchen. Modular kitchen utilises every space in the kitchen and corners, so there is no room for any wastage. Thus, making the kitchen look spacious for you to freely get access to sink and hob easily. Optimising your storage is a great idea. 

  • Interior look can be maintained easily:
  • This is the vital reason for people to choose a modular kitchen as they have a tight schedule to maintain their kitchens. It is very convenient and easy to wipe off the kitchen cabinets. Modular kitchen design requires less maintenance. It will be easier for you to maintain your beautiful kitchen look without any sort of stress. 

  • Additional Accessories:
  • A kitchen is not just about cabinets, appliances, floors or countertops. To make your kitchen look unique you may add planters, centerpieces or some fun knick-knack things that are unique to you. Check out some photos for inspiration! You can choose to blend the additional accessories with the colors in the kitchen or make those pieces stand out. 

  • Optimize your storage:
  • In order to keep your kitchen clean, it is advisable to keep the things off the floor and countertops. Optimize your kitchen to have enough space in the kitchen. You can add base cabinets and upper cabinets for more storage. 

    Why Choose Furniture Mama?

    • At Furniture Mama, all our products come with a 10 year on site warranty card. 
    • Our products are made with pure love and german plants and machinery so we don’t depend on the hand tools. 
    • We have a team of experienced professionals who have done more than 3000 successful installations. 
    • We also offer a customized modular kitchen to get your kitchen designed the way you want. 

    It is always wise to choose Modular Kitchen Design if you wish to build a kitchen which is highly functional, efficient and also gives a stylish look.

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