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Change is inevitable. We live in an era where change is the only constant. Situations change swiftly and one who adopts quickly is the one who succeeds. Yes, we are very much talking about 2020 pandemic Covid-19. In this global lockdown, companies are in a state of confusion. This normally includes working from home which is stressful for the employer and the employee. For companies, it is productivity while for employees it is the proper work home setup. 

Work from home might affect the productivity of an employee and to overcome the challenge it is essential to set up a great office at home to create a work environment. 

To build that work from home environment to boost productivity, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s first understand why employees need a proper work home setup.

Importance of Work from home setup:

When it comes to working from home or any setup a decent setup is very important. A planned out setup boosts productivity and creates a work environment. Hence, you need a decent workspace to create a home office. 

In reel life, you may have seen people working from home from any corner comfortably, but it’s not the same in real life. Improper workplace just doesn't take a toll on your productivity but also on your overall health and work life. A bad body posture might cause pain in the back, neck or shoulders, there can be blurred visions, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome etc. 

While a poor body posture can cause pain, a good/correct body posture can help boost productivity and confidence. 

According to a study conducted by Upright and Ernst & Young: Around 71% of the employees with a good body posture emit a high level of confidence and productivity. It is therefore imperative to have proper work setup to perform better with good health. 

Now let's discuss things that you need to fit together a work from home setup to start with:

The Essentials of work from home setup:

Ergonomic Office Chair:

Because you’ll spend most of the day sitting, so it's wise to say that you must spend on a comfortable chair. So, we suggest buying an ergonomics chair. These chairs are an excellent solution to your backache problems because of their lumbar support. Even science recommends using an ergonomics chair for work. Employees throughout the day report less negative symptoms than the ones who don’t use an ergonomics desk chair. 

Ergonomic Keyboard:

Investing in office essentials are imperative for a proper setup especially in a keyboard. To be more specific in an ergonomic keyboard. You need your hands and wrists to function properly every single time. If your wrist and hands are working in an uncomfortable position, then you might risk getting carpal tunnel syndrome. This is the reason you should invest in an ergonomics keyboard. A study by ChevronTexaco has shown that people working with ergonomics devices are 44% less prone to risk compared to traditional devices. Ergonomics devices create a comfortable working environment. 


When working digitally, online tools are its bread and butter. You need the best blend of these tools to improve efficiency and boost productivity levels. While your official workspace would be loaded with tools but your home office setup may not be. It is therefore important to get all essential remote worker tools downloaded and running immediately. Some of the tools that are commonly used and helpful are:

  • Communication tools like slack, zoom, flock skype. 
  • Remote Access tools like Splashtop business access
  • Project management tools like Trello, workfront,, proofhub
  • Management and monitoring tools like Officevibe, JotForm, Hubstaff.

Virtual Staff Assistant:

The fact is in today's generation you need to be efficient for which you need good gadgets. One of these is smart assistant tools like Alexa or Google Assistant. Working remotely can be a little tough as you have to manage all by yourself. This is when a smart assistant comes in very handy. It not just gives a professional look to your work but also helps with the work. It can help in research, conference calls, official video calls, to-do-lists etc. The task they can perform is limitless. Other than that, your workspace should also have a good internet connection, charger, web cam, proper monitor, keyboard etc. 

Furniture Mama Wooden Laptop stand:

The laptop table is made up of premium high-quality aluminum construction which are special aeronautical materials. It has an elegant appearance & unique design. It’s also compact, fold-able & lightweight, easy to carry on the go! The best feature is it is ergonomically designed to keep you in the correct posture, relieve & prevent neck strain & pain. It is best for both home and office use. When you’re working on a couch or bed, you must use an ergonomic laptop stand to prevent any stress on your neck, back and shoulder. It also increases productivity and efficiency. 

A proper system:

This is no brainer. You must spend in a good system that is capable of handling your work. A poor computer will not only just slow your task but also bring your energy and productivity level down. Keep your system updated with idle space to make it work faster. 


Sometimes work can get boring and even the tiniest of things can make you strong and motivated. Since it’s “work” so you must be glued to the computer altogether. So to lighten things up, invest in a good desk. Whether you like small stuff like plants, elegant materials with drawers to keep your stuff or just big roomy spaces. Be sure the desk must cater to your personality. Standing desks are very trendy these days. Because sitting all day can ruin your health and mental well-being. You may end up gaining weight or diabetes. You can place a wooden laptop table as mentioned above on the desk for a good posture. 

Desk Lamp:

When it comes to a desk lamp, always go for soft light. It is a setup for you so make sure the power is limited. Soft light is better because it’s designed for a peaceful and mellow atmosphere. This helps to release stress and puts you at ease. It is advised not to spend too much time in soft lights as it can have negative effects. It can blur the eyes, increase fatigue and headaches. So while deciding on lightning be sure to spot between soft and dim lights. 

Natural Light:

While setting up a home office, make sure to set it up near natural light. As natural lights have positive effects on our health and mental well being. Be sure your home setup is near a few windows and a well-ventilated area. Open the windows first thing in the morning and let the sun’s rays fall on your desk to increase your productivity. 

Working Environment:

A working environment must be kept with essentials. Be careful when you decide a color scheme for your workstation. Green is the preferred color as it boosts productivity. Keep it simple and elegant. Try to keep the desk as roomy as possible only with bare essentials. You can also hang some motivational quotes over the wall to keep you going throughout the day. 


So, you might want to reconsider setting up your home office with the above-mentioned essentials to boost productivity. Always keep your workstation tidy and organized for your convenience. Enjoy your work life and just endure it. So roll up your sleeves and start setting your home office. 

Stay safe! Stay Home! Enjoy our home office! 

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